Measure Q was rejected by voters 71% to 29%.

  • "All new taxes remove money from the private economy leaving consumers with less to spend."

In some form or another, Voters recognized many points offered by the Measure's opposition including:

  • "Sales taxes would not have increased budgets for the necessary police officers and firemen needed to staff the demands of the new arena."
  • In other cities, corporations have funded new arenas, why not the same scenario in Sacramento?

Background - 2006

  • Sales taxes would increase "the basic necessities for working families, seniors and the disabled".

In 2006, Sacramento Voters Rejected Tax Increases to Fund a Downtown Arena

  • "Basketball is not an essential government function for which citizens should be taxed."


More to follow.

In May 2014, the City Council approved the project despite opposition from the Residents.

Politics as usual.